What’s the difference between a good English speaker and a great English speaker? Idioms! Read the following idioms and then test your understanding!

  1. Read through the following idioms and their meanings.
  2. Test your knowledge at the bottom of the page!
    • Tie the knot (to get married)
    • Break a leg (good luck)
    • Mumbo jumbo (language intended to cause confusion)
    • That was a piece of cake (that was easy)
    • It’s raining cats and dogs (it’s is raining heavily)
    • A storm in a tea cup (great drama over a trivial matter)
    • Save one’s bacon (to escape loss or injury)
    • Not everyone’s cup of tea (not everyone’s liking or taste)
    • Bite your tongue (to avoid speaking)
    • Turn to jelly (your legs feel weak because you are nervous or frightened)
    • Icing on the cake (the best of the situation)
    • As cool as a cucumber (to be relaxed)
    • It’s a small world (you frequently see the same people in different places)
    • In a pickle (to be in trouble)
    • Cross your fingers (to hope that something happens)
    • Cherry on the cake (the best of a situation)
    • Under the weather (to feel ill)
    • The early bird catches the worm (if you want to be successful you should do something immediately)
    • Bend over backwards (willing to do anything)
    • Be the apple of someone’s eye (something or someone cherishes above all others)
    • Couch potato (someone who is lazy)
    • It takes two to tango (both parties involved in a situation are responsible)
    • Go nuts (to go crazy)
    • Go/sell like hot cakes (things are selling fast)
    • Hit the books (to study, especially for a test or an exam)
    • Come rain or shine (whatever happens, I will never…)
    • As red as a beetroot (blush from embarrassment)
    • To spill the beans (to reveal a secret)
    • A few sandwiches short of a picnic (when a person is lack of intelligence)
    • Dead Meat (serious trouble)

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